Install Cocos2d

If you don’t know how to install cocos 2d this is the guide for you.

Do you have Xcode installed? If not go to the Apple Development Site, and sign up to download Xcode. For now just sign up for a free account. If you want to test your game on your ipod or, submit your iphone game to the app store you will have to have a paid subscription.

Download cocos2d.

Put your cocos2d download in a folder where you can get at it. Now open the application folder, scroll down to utilities.

Open terminal.

In terminal type cd and then drag the folder in to the terminal and hit the enter key.

Then type “sudo -f”.

If you have a password for your computer it will ask you for it.Note that you will not see any of your password on the screen. Just type in your password and hit enter.

Cocos2d should install

Now open XCode and start a new project.

Copy right Britney Lee Johnson August 2010.

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